Organic Black Soap (Moroccan) with Exfoliating Kessa Hammam Scrub Glove - 200 mL



Organic Black Soap (Moroccan) 200 ml & Exfoliating Kessa Hammam Scrub Glove

Olive Black Soap is an ancient skin replenishing remedy used for centuries to indulge and clean skin. It is used to deeply cleanse pores and replenish the body, allowing dead skin and impurities to be gently lifted. The formula helps to prevent the damaging effects of pollution and leaves skin radiant and smooth.

This Olive Black Soap is rich in Vitamin E used to regenerate skin, remove dead skin cells, reduce dryness/flakiness, improve skin texture, clean exfoliate and eradicate toxins. It has also been tested to have antibacterial properties which reduces eczema, psoriasis, skin inflammation and clogged pores.

Why this Black Soap?

       - 100 % Organic

       - 100% Natural Ingredients

       - Paraben-Free

       - Silicone-Free

       - Sulfate-Free

       - Fair Trade

       - Handmade in Morocco and Packaged in UK

       - Vegan Friendly

       - Halal Friendly

       - Ideal for men and women

       - Superb gift idea.

Uses: Daily Use. To relieve troubled skin, smooth and revitalise, remove makeup, stop itchiness and prevent ingrown hair.

Material: 100% Organic Natural

Handmade: Morocco

Accessories: Comes with an Exfoliating Kessa Scrub Glove (one size) to help recreate the luxurious skin-softening ritual of Morocco's celebrated hammam steam rooms.


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