Khimar 3 Layers Bint.a Flared (Fit-Limited Edition- LILAC GREY



Khimar 3 Layers Bint.a Flared Fit 
  • 1st layer: “cream” fabric of the family of the royal crepe (Wool Peach), light and soft to the touch, ensuring opacity and fluidity, front length: 110cm, Rear length: 155cm.
  • 2nd and 3rd layers: muslin fabric that can be adjusted in sitar.
  • The cut of the 2nd and 3rd layers at the back varies according to how they are adjusted (see photos).
  • Available colours: Black, Olive, Taupe Rosé.
  • Has the Niqab option.

NB: The colours can vary according to the brightness, the visuals being taken so that they are the most faithful to the colours in the natural light.

***Only Khimar sold in this listing


Fabric Wool Peach
Additional details Khimar 3 Layers Bint.a Flared Cut Option Niqab, Sitar Integrated.

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