Khimar Warda with Side Slits Red Earth



A new line of Khimar featuring slits on both sides, hands free with greater ease of movement, adding a splash of style to your modest ensemble. 

The front portion of the khimar is designed to fall below the navel, and reach below the hips at the back (depending on individual height).

- Made with ultra light, free flowing and superb quality fabric for easy wear.

- Front slits provide freedom of movement and practicality

- It comes with an inbuilt headband tied at the nape.

       Why this khimar?

        - The nidha fabric drapes and flows beautifully

        - Opaque not see through

        - Beautiful colours

        - The front side reaches the thighs and the back length covers the hips, providing good coverage all around

        - Perfect piece for the Spring and Summer times

        - Ideal for different outings while looking modest and elegant

        - Superb length and width enough to cover from teenagers, working women, mums to pregnant women.

        - Can be worn with Butterfly abayas, Kimono abayas  and Jilbabs to complete the outfit.

Unique size fits UK sizes 8-18

Colour available: red earth, royal blue, black, beige, pink and grey.

Copyright Images: Al Moutazimoun.



Jilbab/Cape Length Length at the front: approx 22" / 56 cm - Longest length at the back: 42" / 107 cm
Fabric Fabric – Nidha. lightweight, very fluid, soft to touch and opaque.
Additional details Integrated headband: Simple tie back built in.

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