Two Layer Niqab Black (Long)



This beautiful basic black 2 layer niqab is designed with modesty and style in mind. It is sure to add an humph to any outfit.

This tie back niqab is made of premium quality and super fine Chiffon Aritachi fabric, which makes the niqab, breathable, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear and has an excellent flow to it.

The first layer closet to the face
-is made from Aritachi chiffon fabric,
- it is long in length, wide and loose fitting and covers the chest area well
-it has wide eye opening (24 inches) for ease of wear and to accommodate our eye-glass wearing sisters
-it has no seams around the nose area

The second layer can be drown over the eyes for extra coverage or flipped back over the head to your own preference.
-is made from high quality lightweight chiffon 


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