Two Piece Jilbab with Sarouel

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A classic and simple two piece jilbab with Sarouel for a minimalist everyday modest coverage.

Gym goers or just normal daily wear is perfect with this elegant harem / sarouel set, well-made, smart fit and modest set, in soft to touch and comfortable to wear high quality fabric.

Made with high quality soft material like all of our other products, this set comes with:

-         A tie-back overhead jilbab/khimar with a rounded curved hem.

-         Soft elasticated hand cuff and ankles for practicality and use of daily life (e.g ablution)

-         An elasticated flare with wide beautiful modest fit Sarouel/ Sirwal for comfort

Colour may vary due to different lightening.

         Why this jilbab two piece set?

        - Lightweight, comfortable to wear and breathable.

        - Opaque not see through

        - Beautiful colour

        - Plus it makes a good gift item for the women in your life.

        - Can be worn under different weather conditions

        - Ideal for different outings while looking modest and elegant.

        - Superb length and width enough to cover from teenagers, working women, mums to pregnant women.


Available in two lengths. 12 colours available : Black, grey, brown, green, blue, burgundy, purple (eggplant), green pistachio and purple (mauve).



Fabric Fabric – Soft nexus- Opaque and drapes well. One size fits all.

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